Monday, November 5, 2012

iMpulse controller gets limited white edition

The Kickstarter campaign for the iMpulse wireless gaming controller is about to come to an end (34 hours as of the time of this writing) and a new pledge tier has opened up for those of you who haven’t yet gone “in for one.” The company has announced a limited run of an “iMpulse white” and the only way for you to get in on this is to pledge to buy one through Kickstarter.

Since this will be a limited run the cost is a little bit higher than the regular iMpulse controllers — you’ll have to pledge $37 if you want one of these to go on your keychain. Those who have already pledged can add the white edition for just $30 each.

You’ll have to use the “Manage Your Pledge” button to manually figure that into your current pledge, and be sure to note that you’re putting in an order for a white edition once you receive the iMpulse survey coming next week.

I must say that this controller looks great in white and if I were a backer I probably wouldn’t want to pass it up. Be sure to do what you need to secure one before the deadline ends in a day and a half, though, because once it’s over you won’t have any other chance to get one in this color.

There have been some other updates of note over the past month, such as news about new accessories and functionality. The iMpulSleeve will be available for those who want to store their controller for safe-keeping. When the controller is separated from the sleeve it acts as a stand for your phone so you can prop your phone up properly and game with comfort.

The project has also reached a stretch goal that will now be giving us two new shoulder buttons, something that is increasingly important for many games and will probably make for a more natural media-controlling experience. Find out more about all of these great updates over at the project’s Kickstarter page.

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