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Install CWM Recovery for AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Install CWM Recovery on AT&T Galaxy Note 2

Users that don’t want to use the TWRP touch-based Recovery mode can install the ClockworkMod Recovery variant. Use the info listed in this guide and you’ll manage to flash all files in no time.

CWM Recovery mode helps users install new custom ROM, create and restore ROM backups, wipe data and factory reset phones etc. Installing this on your AT&T Galaxy Note 2 is easy and you can complete the installation successfully without too much trouble. If you want to flash the files without hitting any roadblocks, please read the pre-requisites guide below:

This is a tutorial that only works with the AT&T version of Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Do not attempt to flash the files you find here on any other smartphones, as that will result in a failed attempt and you might end up bricking those other devices.The phone should be rooted as otherwise you cannot flash any of the files listed in this post.The computer you’re using to install CWM Recovery should have the Note 2 drivers installed on it. If yours doesn’t then you should the following links and install them: Windows 32bit X86 USB drivers for Note 2 | Windows 64bit X64 for Note 2. You can use Samsung KIES to install such driver but, note that KIES shouldn’t be running when you’re flashing the custom recovery file.Make sure that your PC doesn’t run any antivirus or security software. Those programs might try to block the install of the custom recovery image files.Enable the USB Debugging option from your phone’s development settings menu.Remember to charge its battery so that the device doesn’t power off during the installation process.Note that we cannot be held responsible in case your phone is bricked after installing CWM recovery or in any other case that makes your phone unusable. Also, we cannot be blamed if you lose any data files.Install the ClockworkMod Recovery image only if you’re an advanced Android user. Note that in case you cannot complete the update, then you should ask for more help in our comments field.

These were all the preparation steps you had to take and now you can get to the ‘how-to’ guide.

Download the ClockworkMod Recovery image file from HERE. Place it on your desktop screen.Get the ODIN 3 3.04 zip from HERE. ODIN is the application you’ll use in order to flash the custom Recovery file. Unzip the ODIN contents into a single folder on your desktop, there should 4 extracted files.Power off your smartphone and then you need to boot it into Download Mode. Do it by pressing simultaneously ‘volume down’ + ‘home’ + ‘power’ buttons. Release the buttons when you’re asked to press Volume Up. Do it, and then Download Mode will load.Go to ODIN folder on your PC and run the ODIN executable file.Now you can connect your smartphone to your PC. ODIN will say ‘ADDED!!’ and then you can get to the next step. Note that in case ODIN doesn’t display the ‘added’ text, then you will have to re-install the USB drivers for your smartphone.Go to ODIN program window and click on ‘PDA’. Find the ‘CWM recovery img.tar’ file and load it into ODIN exe. Now you should make sure that you don’t change any ODIN default options. However, note that the ‘Re-partition’ box shouldn’t be checked.Press the ‘START’ button and ODIN will begin to install ClockworkMod Recovery image on your AT&T Galaxy Note 2 device.After the install process is complete, the device will restart and ODIN should say ‘PASS’. This means that the process was successful.Your AT&T Note 2 device will now load into normal mode and that should be all.

Test CWM Recovery to see if it works by powering off the device. Press ‘volume up’ + ‘home’ + ‘power’ buttons at the same time and release then when the screen flashes.Use the volume buttons to navigate through options and the ‘power’ button to select them. Reboot the device when you’re done and then the phone will load into normal mode. Now you can use ClockworkMod Recovery to install custom ROMs and other files that will enhance the Android experience for your device.

NOTE: If ODIN doesn’t complete the installation and it freezes or in case it says ‘FAIL’ instead of ‘PASS’, then you should disconnect the phone from PC. Close ODIN, remove the phone’s battery and after that re-insert it after 5 seconds. Now repeat the entire tutorial starting with steep 3.

If you have any extra concerns or questions, then tell us in comments and we will get back to you.

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