Monday, November 5, 2012

IDC: Android phones accounted for 75% of all smartphones sold last quarter

Just when you thought the good news for Google had all subsided, another major piece of good news comes in for the “don’t be evil” company. The IDC, one of the world’s most respected and credible analytics firms, is reporting that Android was the king of the third quarter with 75% of all smartphones being sold running the OS.

Think about that — for every 1 smartphone sold last quarter without Android there were 3 more that runs Google’s particular offering. That’s huge news for the Mountain View giant who undoubtedly wants Google Search in the hands of pretty much anyone that cares to have a smart phone.

181.1 million smartphones were shipped in all, so that would put the Android figure at 135.82 million — staggering numbers, if I do say so myself. IDC maintains that Android has outpaced growth expectations every single year since it launched in 2008, and Google continues to best quarterly and yearly expectations set by the likes of Gartner, comScore, Nielsen and the like.

The only other operating system to take double digit percentage was Apple with 14.9% of the share. And beyond the bitten fruit company? The next closest operating system was RIM’s Blackberry, and that only accounted for 4.3%.

Windows Phone is continuing to struggle as it couldn’t even pass the antiquated Symbian, though Microsoft is banking on strong Windows Phone 8 buzz to keep its smartphone hopes afloat. Also, to its credit, Windows Phone was only one of three operating systems that grew (Apple, Google) albeit at a very insignificant rate.

One has to wonder where the tipping point will be for Google. Other competition threatens the “open and free” landscape Google has dominated for four years running, but most of those projects are either on their last breath or have barely taken their first.

iOS has remained relatively stagnant all things considered, though sales of the iPhone 5 will give Apple a much needed injection in the fourth quarter of this year. Beyond that, Google pretty much has a mean sleeper hold on the smartphone market that even Chuck Norris would be proud of, and it doesn’t look to be letting up anytime soon.

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