Friday, November 9, 2012

New data showing Windows 8 beating Android in web traffic, but how?

If this latest data from internet traffic analytics firm StatCounter is to be believed, it appears that over the weekend the 2 week old Windows 8 somehow managed to overtake Android in total amount of web traffic. If you feel like someone’s fed you crazy pills, you’re not the only one. Keep in mind, this data represents both desktop and mobile devices (including tablets), but with the sheer amount of Android devices on the market, how could this even be possible?

This could have something to do with the fact that people spend more time at home surfing the web on their Windows 8 desktops than when out and about on their Android devices. We also don’t know if StatCounter’s data is also accounting for Windows 8 release candidates that launched back in June. but even then, the data is still a bit puzzling. Any idea what this could mean? Also, what happened the first few days of November that caused Android web traffic to drop so suddenly?


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