Friday, November 9, 2012

Notion Ink teases Adam II in first picture

Just when we thought the Notion Ink Adam II would quietly glide into the realm of vaporware, the company behind the sequel to one of the most promising early Android tablets is teasing us with a blurry look at the back of the device. The picture doesn’t reveal much more than the basic shape of the Adam II, which looks to avoid rounded lines in favor of a more square slate. At least we know it exists.

The original Adam was one of the most talked about Android tablets leading up to its release. Many thought it would set the bar for all slates to follow. What we actually got was a fairly buggy piece of hardware that felt more like a prototype than a finished product. We’ve been waiting quite some time to get a peek at the followup, but perhaps that’s a good thing. After the disappointing launch of the original, Notion Ink will want to iron out all the kins with the Adam II before releasing it to the public.

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