Thursday, November 8, 2012

ZTE Testing Windows Phone 8 Phablet With 5.9-inch Full HD Display

ZTE might launch a Windows Phone 8-powered smartphone with a 5.8-inch display that supports full HD resolutions and that is optimized for multimedia.

The information was unveiled in a Weibo post (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter microblogging platform) by Lu Qian Hao, head for marketing strategy division within at. Still, the detail saying that the 5.9-inch display is capable of supporting full HD resolution raises some question marks over this product, as Microsoft didn’t announce that Windows Phone 8 will include support for this resolution in the current version of its mobile operating system.

Next to the full HD display with a record-size for the smartphone segment, the new Windows Phone 8-powered ZTE smartphone might also come with support for DTS, the audio technology used for the movies distributed on blu-ray platform. For the time being there are no details regarding the chipset underpinning the WP8 phablet. Even though there’s no info about its technical specifications, judging by the looks of the body case, the ZTE smartphone doesn’t seems to be a ready-to-launch product.

ZTE also confirmed the existence of another Windows Phone 8 smartphone, but didn’t revealed any of its technical specs.

If the rumors are accurate and the ZTE full HD 5.9-inch phablet will see the light of day, the product will hit the store shelves sometime in the spring, probably running an updated version of Windows Phone 8, with a user interface optimized for 1,920 x 1,080 pixel displays.

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