Monday, November 5, 2012

Get that VIZIO Co-Star while it’s in stock!

If you are a fan of all things Android like us, you have been dying to get your hands on a VIZIO Co-Star but haven’t been able to catch it in stock. The $100 Google TV box has been flying off the shelves like no other Google TV unit, mostly due to its great price and equally good features.

After going in and out of stock for several months, the VIZIO Co-Star is now available for purchase again. We don’t know if it will be for very long, but it should be a good idea to purchase yours as soon as possible. It has been some time since it’s launch and the hype might be starting to slow down, but it is still a device many of us have been waiting to get.

It is a great deal for $100, especially considering it comes with a capable dual-core processor and OnLive compatibility. It would be great for streaming, Google TV apps and even cloud gaming. You really can’t get a better deal when it comes to a capable, yet affordable Google TV device.

If you want to sign up for one, you can go ahead and purchase it at VIZIO’s website right now. We already did, will you?!

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