Thursday, November 8, 2012

Advanced ticket sales for The Hobbit start, 450 theaters are ready for 48 fps 3D

Advanced ticket sales for the The Hobbit available today with 450 theaters ready for 48 fps

Even if you aren't a Peter Jackson fan, you might still be interesting in seeing what all the fuss is about regarding the latest theater technology, 48 fps. It shouldn't be too hard either, because while the high frame version of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is a limited release, the 450~ locations planned (out of approximately 4000 theaters showing the flick) cover just about every major and mid-sized city in the US. Regal and AMC theaters might be your best bet as they lead the pack in LA, with 19 theaters there ready for the new technology. Advanced ticket sales are already available for the December 14th release, but you'll want to look for 'HFR' or the words High Frame Rate before check out, if you want to see it the way Peter Jackson intended. If things go well, you can expect a much wider release of the 48 fps version of the sequel, which is already set to hit theaters in December 2013.

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